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Rasch Measurement and Statistics Books

Best Test Design by Benjamin D. Wright & Mark H. Stone, 1979, $40
Explains Rasch test item analysis and person measurement, demonstrating each step clearly, so that readers can apply these procedures to their own data. The detailed hand calculations show how simply and quickly these methods can be applied even without a computer. ISBN 0-941938-00-X. LC# 79-88489.

Rating Scale Analysis by Benjamin D. Wright & Geoff Masters, 1982, $40
Extends Rasch item analysis and person measurement to attitude questionnaires, performance ratings and any other ordered category data. Describes and uses estimation procedures for the computer and hand calculator. Applications to three attitude questionnaires and two performance tests are described. ISBN 0-941938-01-8. LC# 81-84992.

Probability in the Measure of Achievement by George S. Ingebo, 1997 $25
Shows the advantages of Rasch measurement for school district testing programs. Dr. George Ingebo contrasts the results of Rasch methods with conventional statistics for assessing student responses to basic skills testing. He presents testing issues in an accessible, down-to- earth manner.
Chapter I shows how the Rasch probability-based method produces measures that are more useful for students, parents, teachers, administrators and researchers than information provided by conventional population-based statistics.
Chapter 2 discusses the technology for designing and maintaining a large bank of curriculum test items that facilitate a reliable and precise measure of a student's ability growth between fall and spring and from year to year.
Chapter 3 presents a dozen research projects comparing conventional grade-level tests with Rasch calibrated levels-tests. Their findings support the use of the Rasch testing model. Chapter 4 offers a set of statistical comparisons of groups that can be useful to school district Administrators.
This book takes the uncertainty of student achievement testing out of the closet and looks it over on purpose - not with some comforting fiduciary limit, but with professional opinion backed up by wisdom and by a feeling of responsibility. 148 pp. Figs. ISBN 0-941938-09-3. LC# 97-076496.

Probabilistic Models for Some Intelligence and Attainment Tests by Georg Rasch, with Foreword and Afterword by Benjamin D. Wright, 1992 (1980 Univ. of Chicago Press, 1960 Denmark) $30
"Rasch's book is an important contribution to the theory and practice of educational testing. It has spawned a substantial amount of significant research in statistics and educational testing." ISBN 0-941938-05- . LC# 80-16546.

Many-Facet Rasch Measurement by John Michael Linacre, (1989), 2nd Edn. 1994 $40
Applies objective measurement to the ratings awarded by judges to persons on items of performance or any other many-facet situation. Derives the measurement model from Rasch's axioms and discusses estimation techniques. Extends objective measurement to multiple independent rank orderings. Examples of ratings and rankings are analyzed. ISBN 0-941938-02-6. LC# 94-76939.

Popular Measurement (PM): Online text of PM 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1
Purchase back issues of Vols. 1, 2, or 3 for $10.00 each plus $10.00 for shipping in USA, $20.00 or more International.

Rasch Measurement Transactions: Part 1 by John Michael Linacre (Editor), 1995 $35 (book). Contains the edited and updated contents of the periodical publication Rasch Measurement Transactions from 1987 (Vol. 1:1) to 1992 (Vol. 5:4). New material has been added. With indices and reference list. 208 pages. ISBN 0-941938-06-9. LC# 95-080148.

Rasch Measurement Transactions: Part 2 by John Michael Linacre (Editor), 1996 $35 (book). Contains the contents of the periodical publication Rasch Measurement Transactions from 1992 (Vol. 6:1) to 1995 (Vol. 8:4). With indices and reference list. 240 pages. ISBN 0-941938-07-7. LC# 95-080148.

Rasch Measurement Transactions from 1995 (Vol. 9:1) to current: only available as webpages.

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