Come to IOMW9, Chicago, March 1997

The MESA Psychometric Laboratory invites everyone interested in objective measurement to attend the Ninth International Objective Measurement Workshop in Judd Hall on March 21-23, 1997, just before AERA. This biennial meeting is the largest gathering of Rasch measurement practitioners and theoreticians in the world. It offers rare exposure to the latest ideas and practices of the leading measurement professionals.

Individual Paper Presentations on Friday, March 21, include applications of the Rasch model to performance assessment, developmental psychology, and mental test construction, large and small.

Morning Symposia on Saturday & Sunday, March 22-23, cover:
"Measuring Psychological Development"
"Health Care Outcome Measurement"
"Foundations of Measurement"
"New Horizons in Standard Setting"
"Facets' Applications"
"Developmental Assessment"

Afternoon Discussion Workshops introduce new practices and build on Symposia topics.

Poster/Hardware/Software/Book Display Social Hour follows the Saturday afternoon workshops.

There are No Registration Fees, but please register in advance to aid our planning.

Advance payments for Food Reservations are:
Breakfast, Lunch in Judd: $9./1 day, $25./3 days
Thai Restaurant Social Dinner, Friday evening: $15.
Italian Restaurant Fine Feast, Saturday evening: $25.

For registration, food reservations and housing details:

Ben Wright

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Conference Announcement
The New Rules of Measurement:
What every Psychologist and Educator Should Know

The University of Kansas is sponsoring a conference designed to help bridge the gap between the new rules of measurement and their interpretation and use in clinical and educational settings. Included on Friday, Feb. 21, 1997, are papers by Mark Daniel, "Behind the Scenes: Measurement Methods and Concepts on KAIT and DAS", and Ben Wright, "Constructing Fundamental Measurements with the Rasch Model".

For information, contact:
Pat Flory
University of Kansas
Division of Continuing Education
Continuing Education Building
Lawrence KS 66045-2607
Tel. (913) 864-3284, FAX (913) 864-5074

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Conference Announcement
Stroke: Personal and Public Costs

Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation is sponsoring a conference on stroke outcomes methodology research featuring Dr. Robert W. Moore and other nationally and internationally recognized experts in stroke outcomes research, epidemiology, prevention and rehabilitation. Among the speakers will be Carl Granger, Allen Heinemann, Mark Johnston and Ben Wright. The Conference is from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1, 1997 at the Institute.

For information contact:
Stroke Conference, RWSIR
P.O. Box 1000
Warm Springs GA 31830-0268
Tel. (706) 655-5618, FAX (706) 655-5630

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SSA Plans to Measure Functional Capacity

William P. Fisher, Jr. has been named Health Status Measurement consultant for the Social Security Administration's Disability Process Redesign Project. The aim of the project is to base the SSA Supplemental Security Income and Disability payments less on physical impairment and more on functional capacity.

As a consultant, Fisher's role will be to help shape the Requests For Proposals (RFPs) that the SSA will issue in its search for researchers to conduct various studies related to the redesign project. His attention will be focused on making measures of physical and psychosocial functional capacity as simple and generalizable as possible.

To be placed on the SSA mailing list for information about these RFPs, write to:
Jane Quinn, Contract Specialist
Social Security Administration
Office of Acquisition and Grants
Division of Programs Contracts
1710 Gwynn Oak Avenue
Baltimore MD 21207

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Mid-West Objective Measurement Seminar

Mid-West Objective Measurement Seminar
Friday, December 6, 1996, Chicago
Measuring Depression in Children with Achenbach's Checklist
David Henry & Kathy Alred, University of Illinois at Chicago
Score Inflation due to Examinee Control of the Stopping Rule
Thomas O'Neill, American Society of Clinical Pathologists
The LEXILE Map and Reading Education
Jack Stenner, MetaMetrics, Durham, N.C.
Satisfaction with Management Leadership: A profile of U.S. Companies
John Stanek and Winifred Lopez, International Survey Research Inc.
Virtual Equating with LEXILES
Stuart Luppescu, Center for School Improvement
Jack Stenner, MetaMetrics, Durham, N.C.
Measuring Job Satisfaction with Facets
Mary Lunz, American Society of clinical Pathologists
Common Person Equating in Program Evaluation
Richard Smith and Kevin Fuss, Research Foundation Inc., Wheaton
Item Dependency and Principal Components
John M. Linacre, MESA Psychometric Laboratory
Managing Interactions among Judges, Projects and Candidates
Rita Boda, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Perceptions of Sexual Abuse
George Karabatsos, University of Illinois at Chicago
Construct Theory Revised by Measurement
Selwyn Becker & Kirk Becker, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago
Stroke Impairment Assessment
Edward Kan, Northwestern University Medical School

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Calendar of Events

Jan 23, 1997, COMET (monthly), Chicago, Niko Bezruczko (773) 684-8549

Jan 29-Feb 1, 1997, Stroke: Personal and Public Costs, RWSIR (706) 655-5630, Warm Springs, Georgia

Feb 21-22, 1997, New Rules of Measurement, Pat Flory (913) 864-3284, Lawrence, Kansas

Mar 21-23, 1997, IOMW9, Chicago, Ben Wright (773) 702-1596

Mar 24-28, 1997, AERA, Chicago, AERA (202) 223-9485

June 6, 1997, MOMS, Chicago, Ben Wright (773) 702-1596

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Rasch Measurement SIG Officers

Geofferey N. Masters, Chair
Betty A. Bergstrom, Secretary
Richard M. Smith, Program Chair
Ben Wright, IOMW9 Chair
John Michael Linacre, Operations Manager

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