Ninth International Objective Measurement Workshop

Judd Hall
5835 S. Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Friday, March 21
8:30 Breakfast

9:00 The Voice of Georg Rasch ... D. Andrich, Murdoch U.

10:00 Parallel Papers
Anesthesiology, Research Production and Citations ... P. Alvarez, U. de Extremadura
Applications of a Multicomponent Model to Lifespan Differences ... S. Embretson, K. McCollam, U. of Kansas
Assessment of Stage Transitions in Performance on Commons' Balance Beam Instrument ... T. Dawson, K. Draney, M. Wilson, UC Berkeley; E. Goodheart, M. Commons, Harvard U. L.
Barriers to Portfolio Assessment ... E. Wolfe, ETS; C. Chiu, Michigan State U.
Collapsing a Rating Scale Into a Dichotomy ... D. Whalley, A. Tennant, A. Bowen, Leeds U.
Fit in a CAT Environment ... J. Stahl, Computer Adaptive Technologies Inc.
From PPVT-R to PPVT-III: Common-Person Equating ... J.-J. Wang, American Guidance Service
Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Computers ... J. Monsaas, N. Georgia Col.; G. Engelhard Jr., Emory U.
Halo Effect in Personal Care Products ... T. Rehfeldt, Helene Curtis Inc.
Identifying Information from Distractors in Multiple-Choice Items ... I. Styles, D. Andrich, Murdoch U.
Implications When Adjacent Categories Do Not Increase the Trait ... A. Mercer, D. Andrich, Murdoch U.
Influence of Dimensionality on Differential Item Functioning ... M. Garner, Emory U.
Making Sense Out Of Survey Data ... B. Bergstrom, American Dietetic Assoc.
Many-Facet Rasch Analysis of Faculty Research Grant Peer Ratings ... R. Schumacker, U. of North Texas
Measuring the Accuracy of Self-Efficacy Judgments in Mathematics ... G. Engelhard, Jr., F. Pajares, Emory U.
Ordered Partition Model and Item Independency in IRT ... N. Volodin, ACER
Physics Examinations in Australia ... A. Stephanou, U. of Melbourne
Psychophysics of Stage: Task Complexity and Statistical Models ... M.Commons, F.Richards, E.Trudeau, E.Goodheart, Harvard U.; T.Dawson, UC Berkeley
Procedure for Detecting Pattern Clustering in Measurement Designs ... G. Marcoulides, California SU, Fullerton
Rasch Analysis of Two "Concern about Falling" Assessments and Applications to Planning Treatment Programs ... E. Smith, U. of Oklahoma; M. Lusardi, U. of Connecticut
Raters and Prompt-to-Prompt Equating in Writing Assessment ... Yi Du, W. Brown, Minneapolis Public Schools
Solutions to Curriculum Based Measurement Norming ... P. MacMillan, U. of Northern British Columbia
Stability of Rater Characteristics in Large Scale Assessment ... P. Congdon, J. McQueen, ACER
The Method of Paired Comparisons ... M. Garner, G. Engelhard, Jr., Emory U.
The Nationwide On-Line Networking of Item Bank in Korea ... S.-G. Baek, Korean Educ. Dev. Inst.
Training and Rater Reliability in Performance Assessment ... J. Mendelovits, ACER
Using Maps to Produce Meaningful Evaluation Measures ... L. Roberts, University of California, Berkeley
Using the Rasch Measurement Model in Grading Essay-Type Items ... S. Chae, Korean Educ. Dev. Inst.

6:00 Dinner ... Siam Thai Restaurant, 1641 E. 55th St., Reservations $15.

Saturday, March 22

8:30 Breakfast

Plenary Symposia
9:00 Measuring Psychological Development ... T. Bond, James Cook U.; T. Dawson, UC Berkeley; W. Gray, C. Fox, U. of Toledo; G. Coudé, U. Laval
10:00 Health Care Outcome Measurement ... A. Heinemann, R. Bode, Northwestern U.; C. Granger, SU New York, Buffalo; W. P. Fisher Jr., Louisiana SU
11:00 Foundations of Measurement ... D. Andrich, Murdoch U.; B. Wright, A. Bookstein, U. of Chicago; W. P. Fisher Jr., Louisiana SU

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Parallel Workshops
Comparative Approaches to Understanding Rating Scales ... A. Tennant, D. Whalley, A. Bowen, Leeds U.
Graphical Guides for Communicating Rating Scale Assessments ... R. M. Smith, Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.
Measuring Psychological Development: Unresolved Issues ... W. Gray, U. of Toledo; M. Wilson, UC Berkeley
Rating Scale Measurement and ASTM Standards ... William P. Fisher Jr., Louisiana SU

3:00 Posters (Wine and Cheese)
A Saltus Analysis of Developmental Data from the Laundry Task ... E. Goodheart, M. Commons, Harvard U.; T. Dawson, K. Draney, UC Berkeley
Changes in Rater Characteristics over a 12 Month Interval ... P. Congdon, ACER
Cognitive Operations Observed in a Piagetian Balance Beam Task ... E. Goodheart, Harvard U.
Common-Person Equating to Estimate Décalage ... T. Bond, James Cook U.
Equating "Quality of Life" Instruments in Applied Oncology Settings ... C.-H. Chang, Rush-P.-St. Luke's Med. Ctr.
Mathematically Demonstrated Hierarchical Task Complexity ... M. Commons, E. Trudeau, Harvard U.
Morality and Rule Comprehension ... M. Morabito
Rasch Analysis of Achievement in Mathematics ... Ah Keng Yap, Ngee Ann Polytechnic; Tock Keng Lim, Nanyang Technological U.
Rasch Measurement Applied to Informetrics ... P. Alvarez, U. de Extremadura
The Development of Socio-Moral Concepts ... T. Dawson, UC Berkeley
Tracking the 1996 NCAA Football Season ... P. Fisher, Golden Rule Measurement
Vertical Equating of Reading Comprehension Skills across Grades 7 and 9 ... Tock Keng Lim, Nanyang Techn. U.; Ah Keng Yap, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

6:00 Dinner ... Piccolo Mondo, 1642 E. 56th Street, Reservations $25.

Sunday, March 23
8:30 Breakfast

Plenary Symposia
9:00 New Horizons in Standard Setting ... G. Stone, Dental Assisting National Board; G. Engelhard Jr., B. Gordon, Emory U.; M. Lunz, ASCP; W. P. Fisher Jr., Louisiana SU
10:00 Facets Applications ... J. Linacre, U. of Chicago; M. Lunz, T. O'Neill, ASCP
11:00 Developmental Assessment ... M. Wilson, K. Draney, T. Dawson, UC Berkeley; M. Forster, G. Masters, Australian Council for Educational Research

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Parallel Workshops
How to Work BIGSTEPS ... J. Linacre, U. of Chicago
Integrating QUEST with Item Creation, Storage and Retrieval ... Brian Doig, ACER
Realizing LEXILEs ... J. Stenner, MetaMetrics; S. Luppescu, U. of Chicago
Vicissitudes of Fit Analysis ... Richard Smith, Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.

2:30 How to Work Facets ... J. Linacre, U. of Chicago

Program for Ninth International Objective Measurement Workshop … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 1997, 10:4

Rasch Publications
Rasch Measurement Transactions (free, online) Rasch Measurement research papers (free, online) Probabilistic Models for Some Intelligence and Attainment Tests, Georg Rasch Applying the Rasch Model 3rd. Ed., Bond & Fox Best Test Design, Wright & Stone
Rating Scale Analysis, Wright & Masters Introduction to Rasch Measurement, E. Smith & R. Smith Introduction to Many-Facet Rasch Measurement, Thomas Eckes Invariant Measurement: Using Rasch Models in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, George Engelhard, Jr. Statistical Analyses for Language Testers, Rita Green
Rasch Models: Foundations, Recent Developments, and Applications, Fischer & Molenaar Journal of Applied Measurement Rasch models for measurement, David Andrich Constructing Measures, Mark Wilson Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences, Boone, Stave, Yale
in Spanish: Análisis de Rasch para todos, Agustín Tristán Mediciones, Posicionamientos y Diagnósticos Competitivos, Juan Ramón Oreja Rodríguez

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