AERA, San Diego 1998, Rasch Sessions and Election

Monday, April 13

8:30-5:00 (FF)

Applying Measurement and Assessment Models for Dichotomous and Graded Response Formats using Interactive Software

Trainers: D. Andrich, Murdoch U.; R. Hess, J. Ryan, Arizona SU West

12:00-1:55 (1.38) Hyatt, Cunningham C, 4th Chair: K. Draney, UC Berkeley

Applications of Rasch Measurement Discussant: E.M. Schulz, ACT

Children's understanding of area concepts. T. Bond, K. Parkinson, James Cook U.

Rater influences on assessment of writing quality. I. Gyagenda, G. Engelhard Jr., Emory U.

Structure of memory beliefs. E. Smith, Hartford Hosp.; S. Brown, B. Silver, U. Connecticut;

M. Garry, Victoria U. (NZ); E. Loftus, U. Washington

Measuring school-based partnerships D. Bainer, Ohio SU-Mansfield; R. Smith, Rehabilitation Found. Inc.

Three health utility scales K. Cook, VA Medical Ctr/Baylor Col. of Medicine

3:05-3:45 (4.01) Marriott, Marina E, South Tower, Level 3

Teachers' Attitudes and Actions in Physical Education Classes

Table 3: Self-evaluation of expertise in teaching W. Chen, Tempe U.; I. Rovegno, J. Burry-Stock, U. Alabama

4:05-5:35 (5.65) Hyatt, Windsor C, 3rd Chair: R. Bode, Rehabilitation Inst. of Chicago

Technical Issues in Rasch Measurement

Discussant: G. Engelhard, Jr., Emory U.

Strengthening sparsely-connected designs C. Myford, ETS; E. Wolfe, U. Florida

Differential item functioning W.-C. Wang, Nat. Chung-Cheng U.

Multidimensionality of interest in physics C. Carstensen, J. Rost, Inst. for Science Educ.

Setting mastery levels with binomial trials G. Stone, Dental Assisting Nat. Board

Tuesday, April 14

12:25-1:55 (13.37) Hyatt, Cunningham A, 4th

DIF and Item Bias

Likelihood-ratio tests and partial credit DIF S.-H. Kim, A. Cohen, U. Wisconsin;

C. DiStefano, S. Kim, U. Georgia

12:25-1:55 (D4) Marriott, Marina G, South Tower, Level 3

Poster: Interactive diagnostic measure of learning potential R. Chatfield, U. Melbourne

1:15-1:55 (14.08) Marriott, Marina E, South Tower, Level 3

Issues in Rasch Measurement I

Table 17: Person fit and response set D. Swearingen, U. Denver

Table 18: Graph theory and connectivity M. Garner, G. Engelhard, Jr., Emory U.

Table 19: Fit statistics and logit residual index R. Mount, Dallas Schools, R. Schumacker, U. North Texas

Table 20: Children's construction of addition B. Grobecker, Auburn U.

2:15-3:45 (15.30) Hyatt, Regency A, 4th

Linking Complex Performance-based Assessments: A Comparison of Novel Procedures

Equating performance assessments with a rating scale model B. Clauser, Nat. Board of Medical Examiners

Wednesday, April 15

10:35-12:05 (23.40) Hyatt, Connaught, 3rd Chair: M. Lunz, Amer. Soc. Clinical Path.

Institute for Objective Measurement Educators Forum

Residuals and scientific methods L. Ludlow, Boston Col.

Intuitions about MLE S. Embretson, U. Kansas

Measurement theories R. Schumacker, U. North Texas

Linking instruction with measurement courses R. Hess, Arizona SU West

Teaching construct validity J. Monsaas, N. Georgia Col. & SU

12:25-1:55 (25.10) Marriott, Columbia 2, North Tower, Lobby Level

Validity and Statistical Issues concerning International Assessment

IRT equation of a central examination C. Glas, U. Twente

6:15-7:45 (30.08) Marriott, Newport Beach, South Tower, Level 4 Chair: R. Smith, Rehabilitation found. Inc.

Rasch Measurement SIG 10th Anniversary:
Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

Participants: B.Wright, U. Chicago; D. Andrich, Murdoch U.; W. van der Linden, U. Twente;

G. Engelhard Jr., Emory U.; G. Masters, ACER

Thursday, April 16

11:25-12:05 (36.05) Marriott, Marina E, South Tower, Level 3

Issues in Rasch Measurement II

Table 26: Outward Bound and post-traumatic stress disorder E. Smith, Hartford Hosp.;

S. Owen, U. Connecticut; J. Parsons, VA Medical Ctr.

Table 27: Measuring job satisfaction B. Bergstrom, Comm. on Dietetic Reg.; M. Lunz, ASCP

Table 28: Measurement of morality J. Linacre, U. Chicago

Table 29: Factors affecting test equating S. Suanthong, R. Schumacker, U. North Texas

12:25-1:55 (37.17) Marriott, Manchester 2, North Tower, Lobby Level

Applications of a Variety of IRT Models: Purposes, Procedures and Implications

One-parameter hierarchical linear model A. Kamata, Michigan SU

12:25-1:55 (N3) Convention Center

IRT Parameter Estimation

Unequal discrimination and computer-adaptive testing J. Folske, M. Gessaroli, D. Swanson, NBME

Friday, April 17

8:15-10:15 (46.14) Marriott, Carlsbad, South Tower, Level 3

Influences on Raters and Rating Scales

Rating of persuasive writing S. Court, U. Iowa

Race, domain and gender influence on scores I. Gyagenda, G. Engelhard, Jr., Emory U.

Rating scale category utility J. Linacre, U. Chicago

Likert scales and sample range J. Roberts, D. Wedell, J. Laughlin, U. South Carolina

Positive and negative items B. Bergstrom, Comm. on Dietetic Reg.; M. Lunz, ASCP

8:15-9:45 (46.39) Hyatt, Windsor C, 3rd

Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulation

Diagnostic utility of a self-efficacy instrument B. Greene, U. Oklahoma; E. Smith, Hartford Hosp.;

B. Silver, U. Connecticut

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Election of SIG Officers

Rasch Measurement SIG elected officers for April 1998 to April 2000 are:
Chair: Allen Heinemann
Secretary: Rita Bode

Ballots mailed (Dec. 1998) 305
Ballots returned (March 15, 1998) 43
Ballots spoiled 0

For Chair:
Allen Heinemann 40

For Secretary:
Rita Bode 19
George Karabatsos 8
Tom O'Neill 14

Election of SIG Officers … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 1998, 11:4 p. 600.

Rasch Publications
Rasch Measurement Transactions (free, online) Rasch Measurement research papers (free, online) Probabilistic Models for Some Intelligence and Attainment Tests, Georg Rasch Applying the Rasch Model 3rd. Ed., Bond & Fox Best Test Design, Wright & Stone
Rating Scale Analysis, Wright & Masters Introduction to Rasch Measurement, E. Smith & R. Smith Introduction to Many-Facet Rasch Measurement, Thomas Eckes Invariant Measurement: Using Rasch Models in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, George Engelhard, Jr. Statistical Analyses for Language Testers, Rita Green
Rasch Models: Foundations, Recent Developments, and Applications, Fischer & Molenaar Journal of Applied Measurement Rasch models for measurement, David Andrich Constructing Measures, Mark Wilson Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences, Boone, Stave, Yale
in Spanish: Análisis de Rasch para todos, Agustín Tristán Mediciones, Posicionamientos y Diagnósticos Competitivos, Juan Ramón Oreja Rodríguez

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