Multiple-Choice Answers

Jeffery Smith at Rutgers suggests that many MCQ tests of knowledge are really tests of general intelligence. Here are questions from the Ohio high school graduation test as printed in USA Today, 7-14-1998. The stems are omitted. Can you identify the correct answers?

1. A) the Northwest Ordinance
B) the Declaration of Independence
C) the U.S. Constitution
D) the Bill of Rights

2. A) 7000 kg B) 0.0007 kg C) 0.007 kg D) 2 kg

3. A) $60.84 B) $38.57 C) $13.22 D) $25.35

4. A) 2 5/8 inches B) 3 3/8 inches
C) 3 7/8 inches D) 2 7/8 inches

5. A) 220 B) 145 C) 80 D) 260

Questions and Scoring Key

1. Which of the following documents was the first to outlaw slavery? A.

2. A whole loaf contains 7 grams of fat. Convert the amount of fat to kilograms? C.

3. A car repair bill for $92.56 included $31.72 for parts. The rest was for 2.4 hours of labor. What was the hourly labor charge? D.

4. The average rainfall per month in Ohio is 3 5/8 inches. The average rainfall per month in Washington is 6 1/4 inches. How much greater is the average rainfall for Washington than Ohio? A.

5. A triangular slice of pizza forms an angle of 100. If the slice of pizza is removed from a circular pizza, what is the angle measure of the remaining pizza? D.

Multiple-choice answers.Smith J. … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 1998, 12:3 p. 652-3.

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