AERA, Montreal 1999, Rasch Sessions

Presessions: Saturday-Monday, April 17-19

April 17, Saturday, 9:00-5:00 (Presession N)

April 18, Sunday, 9:00-5:00

An Introduction to Rasch Measurement: Theory and Applications

Co-Directors: R.M. Smith, RFI, E. V. Smith, Jr., U Ill Chicago

April 18, Sunday, 1:00-6:00 (Presession O)

April 19, Monday, 8:00-11:00

Practical Methods for Setting Criterion-Referenced Passing Standards:

An Exploration of Objective Standard Setting

Director: G. E. Stone, Dental Asst Nat Board

Monday, April 19

2:15-3:45 (4.12) Hilton, Pointe aux Trembles, Banq Fl Chair: K. Draney, UC Berkeley

The Play of Metaphor in the Theory and Practice of Educational Measurement

Discussant: M. Wilson, UC Berkeley

Metaphor, Mathematical Structure, and Meditation W.P. Fisher, Jr., LSU Med Ctr

Education as Preparation for the Good Life Across the Lifespan. T. Dawson, UC Berkeley

Recognizing Play in Measurement W.P. Fisher, Jr., LSU Med Ctr

Calibration the Metaphor "Education as Preparation for the Good Life." T. Dawson, UC Berkeley

2:15-3:45 (4.14) Hilton, Jacques Cartier, Banq Fl

Evaluation and Testing

Progress Testing for Postgraduate Medical Education L. Shen, Nat Board Ost Med Exam

Tuesday, April 20

8:15-10:15 (11.58) Marriott, Maisonneuve A, 36th Fl

Good Science, Good Measurement, Good Educational Outcomes:

Establishing the Validity of Standards-Referenced Science Assessments

Good Science: Substantive Issues M. Martin, E. Stage, UC Berkeley

Good Measurement: Psychometric Issues B. Yoon, M. Young, UC Berkeley

Good Educational Outcomes: Consequential and Instructional Issues E. Stage, M. Martin, UC Berkeley

4:05-6:05 (19.27) Queen Elizabeth, St. Maurice, Conv Level

Data Analytical Methods and Issues in Survey Research

Characteristics of Response Set on the Semantic Differential D. Swearingen

Rank Ordering and Comparing Survey Items Using an IRT Rating Scale Model A. Sun, M. Schulz, ACT

Application of the Rasch Model and the Hierarchical Linear Model to

Survey Evaluation and Data Analysis Yi Du, D. Marston, Minneapolis PS

Wednesday, April 21

12:25-1:55 (27.56) Marriott, Maisonneuve B, 36th Fl Chair: T. O'Neill, ASCP

Applications of Rasch Measurement Discussant: R. Bode, Rehab Inst Chicago

Using the Rasch Model to Assess the Implications of Exemplary Middle School Practices:

A Pilot Study of Florida's Middle Schools M. Gregoire, E. Wolfe, U Florida

Rasch Applications: Two Tests of Musical Performance K. Haley, Boston Col

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Scaling and Standard Setting

Using Rasch Measurement E. Smith, Jr., R. Drenga, U Ill Chicago; K. Lawless, U Utah

Influences of Gender and Time Facets on Rating of Extended Performance

Tasks C. Louden, T. Brooks, Harcourt Brace Ed Meas; J. Tanner, Delaware DOE

An Evaluation of Race Relations K. Van Hook, T. Baudreaux, LSU Med Ctr

6:15-7:45 (32.23) Marriott, Terrasse, Plaza Level

Forum: Explaining Latent Trait Models to Non-Specialists.

Participants: George Engelhard, Jr., Emory U; E. Gonzales, Boston Col;

R. Hess, Arizona SU West; L. Ludlow, Boston Col; J. Monsaas, North Georgia Col & SU

Thursday, April 22

8:15-9:45 (34.02) Hilton, Outremont, Banq Fl

Using and Combining Multiple Indicators and Assessment Formats

for Accountability and Guiding Instruction

A Conceptual Framework for the Valid and Comparable Measurement R. Kopriva, US Dept Ed

Issues, Strategies, and Procedures for Combing Information

from Multiple Indicators J. Ryan, Arizona SU West

12:25-1:55 (38.12) Hilton, Pointe aux Trembles, Banq Fl

Applications of Item Response Theory

Role Delineation Study: An IRT Application B. Bergstrom, Computer-Adap. Tech.

12:25-1:05 (38.28) Hilton, Fontaine B, Level F

Journal Talk I: Contributing to Educational Journals

TABLE 3 Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics L. Hedges, U Chicago

TABLE 11 Applied Measurement in Education B. Plake, J. Impara, U Nebraska

4:05-4:45 (42.30) Hilton, Fontaine B, Level F

Applications of Rasch Measurement

TABLE 2: Rasch Analysis of Core Tasks for Secondary School Beginning

Teachers in Taiwan H.-C. Chen, Wu Feng Col Tech & Comm; W.-C. Wang, Nat Chung-Cheng U

TABLE 3 Four Scales of Self-Reported Shoulder Functioning: Precisely How Precise Are

They? K. Cook, Baylor Col Med; T. Roddey, S. Olson, Texas WU; G. Gartsman, U Texas HSC

Friday, April 23

12:25-1:55 (51.03) Hilton, LaChine, Banq Fl

Quantifying Qualitative Factors: Varieties of Regression Techniques

Using Rasch and Factor Analysis on Constructing a Measure of Liberalism T. Sares, Harper Col

HLMing and RASCHing TIMSS: Three Presentations S. Paik, K. Uekawa, U Ill Chicago

2:15-4:15 (53.50) Queen Elizabeth, Peribonca, Conv Level Chair: K. Cook, Baylor Col Med

Theoretical Issues in Rasch Measurement Discussant: J. Linacre, U Chicago

Examining Construct Validity of Scores/Measures Using Classical and

Many-Facet Rasch Measurement M. Banerji, U Sou Florida

Rasch vs. Two- and Three-Parameter Logistic Models From the

Perspective of Conjoint Measurement Theory G. Karabatsos, LSU Med Ctr

An Examination of Person Misfit in Five Affective Measures E. Johnson, ACT

Appropriateness of Asymptotic Standard Errors for Rasch Estimates R. Smith, RFI

Using Classical and Modern Measurement Theories to Explore Rater, Domain,

and Gender Influences on Student Writing Ability I. Gyagenda, G. Engelhard, Jr., Emory U

Multidimensional Analysis of a Physics Achievement

Test C. Carstensen, G. Friege, G. Lind, J. Rost, U Kiel

AERA, Montreal 1999, Rasch Sessions … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 1999, 12:4 p.

Rasch Publications
Rasch Measurement Transactions (free, online) Rasch Measurement research papers (free, online) Probabilistic Models for Some Intelligence and Attainment Tests, Georg Rasch Applying the Rasch Model 3rd. Ed., Bond & Fox Best Test Design, Wright & Stone
Rating Scale Analysis, Wright & Masters Introduction to Rasch Measurement, E. Smith & R. Smith Introduction to Many-Facet Rasch Measurement, Thomas Eckes Invariant Measurement: Using Rasch Models in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, George Engelhard, Jr. Statistical Analyses for Language Testers, Rita Green
Rasch Models: Foundations, Recent Developments, and Applications, Fischer & Molenaar Journal of Applied Measurement Rasch models for measurement, David Andrich Constructing Measures, Mark Wilson Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences, Boone, Stave, Yale
in Spanish: Análisis de Rasch para todos, Agustín Tristán Mediciones, Posicionamientos y Diagnósticos Competitivos, Juan Ramón Oreja Rodríguez

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