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Question: "I have been told that I should not use Rasch methods on my rating-scale data because the leading ... journal is only accepting papers that employ 2 parameter models. Here's my solution. I'll buy a 2 parameter package that lets me set the slope parameter to 1, thus making it a Rasch model. I'll run the models both ways (2 and 1 parameters) and show that the differences are not meaningful. Is this possible? If so, can you recommend the 2 parameter package that will work the best towards achieving this goal?"

Answer: "Value depends entirely on utility" stated Jevons, but even the most useful methodology is useless if its findings can't be published! So we conform, while muttering to ourselves, "Eppur si muove" ("Yet it does move", Galileo Galilei). Yes, your strategy has merit. It should work, and could yield two papers, one substantive, the other methodological. As for software, Parscale may be your only choice (RMT 13:2 p. 709, And please tell us how this all works out!

Jevons W.S. (1871) The Theory of Political Economy. 1957:1.

Needs Must ... Linacre J.M. … 15:4 p. 850

Needs Must ... Linacre J.M. … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 2002, 15:4 p. 836

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