Rasch in Medicine

Question: Do you have any information on the Rasch Model being used to examine the quality of medical diagnostic tests?
Daniel Cipriani

Answer: This area is rich with potential.

The first and commonest area of focus uses a performance assessment- or survey-based measure of a specific problem area as a diagnostic indicator (i.e., if you have a high measure, you have the problem); this approach is used by Tesio, et al. (1999), Teresi (1994), Ryser, et al. (1999), Penta, et al. (1998), Massof (1998), Malec, et al. (2000), Lai, et al. (1996), Hawley, et al. (1999), Cialdella, et al. (1992), Bode, et al. (2000), and others.

A second area of focus includes clinical process and outcome data, such as laboratory blood chemistry results, along with or instead of functional assessment or health status survey data; this approach is used by Fisher, et al. (2002), Fisher & Johnson (2000), and Wright, et al. (2000).

The third area of focus takes advantage of systematic variation in item difficulty orders in order to make diagnostically-relevant distinctions among patients. This area holds the fascinating potential of supporting computer-based alerts of areas in need of attention; this approach is used by Granger and Linn (2000), Granger and Wright (1993), and Linacre (1997).

William P. Fisher, Jr.

Answer: Another area is second language communication in health care settings. Work has been done on testing the clinical communicative skills of foreign medical graduates in Australia. The test involved, the Occupational English Test, and its validation using Rasch measurement is discussed in detail in my book "Measuring Second Language Performance," London and New York: Addison-Wesley Longman, 1996.

Tim McNamara, University of Melbourne

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