Report on Benjamin Drake Wright, May 2012

As of May 29, 2012, Benjamin D. Wright remains at the Warren Barr Pavilion, 66 West Oak Street, Room 615, Chicago, IL 60610. (312) 705-5100. His room is in the "Avalon Wing", which has a very good staff. I expect this to be his last home, unless Andy Wright or one of Ben's other children, Amy, Andy, Chris and Sara, take him to New York. That seems unrealistic. Such a trip would be hard on him.

He continues to do well when visitors come. Although, more and more he sleeps. Recently, a couple of times he did not wake up when I was there. I have been seeing him less than I did but still make it once a week or so. A family member visits from NY, usually once a month. Not a lot of former students come by but I happened to meet Filemon Cerda when he came by about a two weeks ago.

I am making progress on Ben's biography and should have a preliminary draft ready to send to an editor very soon. It is hardly comprehensive. I have more material but this draft will mainly address ancestral and early childhood influences that played out in his choice of career and in the contributions he made. Not sure how others will respond but Ben really likes it when I read sections to him. A few years before his cerebral incident in 2001, Ben had put a lot of effort into researching his family tree and their activities.

Ed Bouchard

Ed Bouchard is co-author with Ben Wright of "Kinesthetic Ventures"

Benjamin Drake Wright, 2012
Benjamin Drake Wright, 2012
Photo by Nikolaus Bezruczko
Ed Bouchard (left) and Benjamin Drake Wright, 2012
Ed Bouchard (left) and Benjamin Drake Wright, 2012
Photo by Nikolaus Bezruczko

Report on Benjamin Drake Wright, May 2012, Ed. Bouchard, Rasch Measurement Transactions, 2012, 26:1, 1359

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