Rasch SIG Meeting Update from Chair

Greetings Rasch SIG colleagues,

I wanted to provide a brief review from the 2013 Rasch Measurement SIG Business Meeting, in case you were not able to attend. As you are likely aware this year's meeting was held in San Francisco, California at the Wyndham Parc 55 Hotel. I think "cozy, but comfortable" aptly describes the accommodations. Those in attendance were treated to good company and a nice assortment of refreshments. The meeting itself offered a chance to introduce current and outgoing SIG officers, report on membership and finances, summarize the 2013 Rasch contributions to the AERA conference, and provide an update on current business. As far as substance, membership is down slightly from last year, but perfectly in line with the trend over the past several years. Finances are effectively in line with what they have been. Of 19 proposals submitted, 13 were incorporated into 2 paper sessions and a roundtable. Outgoing Program Chair Daeryong Seo and remaining chair Kelly Bradley were thanked for this effort. An update was provided on the SIG bylaws, which to date is unchanged from my last update (expect to be contacted by AERA at some point to vote on final approval and implementation). Otherwise I mentioned that the awards proposed within the original bylaws needed to be reviewed separately by the AERA Executive Board and that hopefully this will be completed this June. Several discussion points were brought up during open floor. An announcement was made regarding status of plans for this year's International Objective Measurement Workshop in conjunction with AERA. Kirk Becker and I made a few announcements and appeals to include requests for volunteers to help out with various SIG activities and to note our collective intentions to consider possible future directions for the SIG. At that point in the meeting we welcomed our invited speaker Ed Wolfe who presented "Four Ways of Learning: Modeling Raters." Ed's presentation was engaging, relevant, and forward-thinking, which led to thoughtful discourse. Thanks again to Ed for this wonderful presentation. At that point, the meeting was adjourned.

One final note on the meeting, in line with action items from last year we were happy to be able to present a photograph of Mike Linacre having received his AERA Rasch SIG plaque in recognition of his editorial contributions to Rasch Measurement Transactions. He graciously agreed to allow us to share this. Thank you again, Mike!

Tim O'Neil

Mike Linacre with Rasch Measurement SIG plague: May 2013

Rasch SIG Meeting Update from Chair - Summer 2013. Tim O'Neil … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 2013, 27:1 p. 1409

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