SPSS/PC+ and Rasch software

SPSS/PC+ offers a compact, single program environment for entering data, editing control and output files, running Rasch software, and analyzing person and item statistics on PC-compatible computers. If you produce reports on measurement analyses frequently, SPSS procedures could save you time and effort. Furthermore, you can set up stand-alone data entry, analysis, and reporting functions that can be used by a computer neophyte.

The SPSS Data Entry module is handy for setting up data entry screens that closely resemble your survey or test. It improves data entry accuracy through validation rules that allow only specified characters or numbers to be entered into particular fields. The Data Entry module implements function key operation of many of SPSS's file manipulation features, including dBase, ASCII, and Lotus file importing and exporting.

The Review feature of SPSS/PC+ is where file editing is done. The screen is divided into two windows. The top one defaults to a listing of executed SPSS commands and output, and the bottom one to a working copy of the analysis program executed. The F3 key loads any ASCII file into either window, so you can edit data or Rasch control files in them.

Since most Rasch software programs cannot read SPSS data files, the key step is to use SPSS to WRITE out your SPSS-entered data to a pre- specified ASCII-format file. The next step is to load that file into one of the Review windows, and load your Rasch program control file into the other. You can now edit your control file to match your data.

Then instruct SPSS how to process your Rasch output. Load any person or item output file into one of the Review windows. Identify which columns of output statistics you want to import for further analysis. Specify these with a DATA LIST command. You can follow this with SPSS data analysis and reporting commands. This establishes standard structures for the Rasch data and control files, together with "canned" SPSS procedures for further analysis.

The SPSS EXECUTE command allows you to run your Rasch program from within SPSS and automatically return to SPSS in order to import and analyze the output files.

Once the SPSS procedures are set up, analysis of your next data set is straight-forward. Enter new or updated data files, then SPSS can automatically invoke your Rasch program, import the output, further analyze it, and produce customized reports. It can even invoke word processing software to read in, format, and print the SPSS ASCII output, completing the analysis/reporting cycle. With these preset files and code, even an inexperienced computer user can perform complex analyses.

Available Rasch software is listed at www.rasch.org/software.htm.

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