Notes and Quotes

Theological measurement - an impossibility?

"There can be no objective measure of heart-distance from God." Paul S. Minear. 1988. The God of the Gospels. Atlanta: John Knox. p.79.

Is "heart-distance" different in nature from loyalty and humility? If more and less heart-distance (or loyalty, humility, etc) can be identified, then a variable springs into existence. So data can be collected, and measures constructed. We may not be able to determine God's location, but we can measure increasing proximity!

William P. Fisher, Jr.

A characteristic of a measurement process is that repeated measurements of the same thing result in a series of non-identical numbers.

P. Pontius & J. Cameron (1967) Realistic uncertainties in the mass measurement process. National Bureau of Standards Monograph 103. Washington DC.

"In order to attain this goal of useful decision making, [measurement science in physics] has focused on the task of assuring that the value obtained for a given quantity of a given object is functionally identical wherever and whenever the measurement process is repeated. Only then can all parties to the decision work from a concordant data base. Such a universally reproducible measurement is called a proper measurement." J.A. Simpson, Encyclopedia of Physics, 1991 p. 723. Courtesy: Jack Stenner

Notes and Quotes … 1993, 7:2 p. 287

Notes and Quotes … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 1993, 1993, 7:2 p. 287

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