Wide Range Achievement Test - 3

Wide Range Achievement Test WRAT - 3. Stone MH, Jastak S, Wilkinson G. … 1995, 8:4 p.403

The "WRAT3 Item Map and Absolute Scale" shown overleaf (in printed text) is the result of Rasch analysis and variable construction by Mark Stone. These rulers, marked linearly in rescaled logits, show both criterion- and norm-referencing. The word "Discretionary" gives meaning to a measure of 515 on the "Reading" ruler and corresponds to the average level of 9th graders and 14-year-olds. Three separately calibrated rulers are displayed. Not only are these rulers useful for communicating the meaning of measures and diagnosing performance, but they are also useful for reminiscing about one's education!

According to WRAT-3 distributors, Jastak Assessment Systems, "The Wide Range Achievement Test, developed by Sarah Jastak and Gary Wilkinson, continues the pioneering work of Dr. Joseph Jastak to develop the most effective tool to study the development of reading, spelling, and arithmetic codes. The WRAT-3 features a standardization using a national stratified sampling model, all new grade ratings, and scaling and item analyses by the Rasch method."

Please see Psychological Assessment Resources for more information on the WRAT.

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Wide Range Achievement Test - 3. Stone MH, Jastak S, Wilkinson G. … Rasch Measurement Transactions, 1995, 8:4 p.403

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